Are Marvel Heroes for Everybody?

I get it. Hero movies are “nonsense”, right? Just for kids? I disagree, literally every person growing up looks up to someone, whether fictional or real.

My main point: I was watching some Marvel movies last night. Suddenly I started reflecting. Wait how many of these movies are focused exclusively on straight White men? About 99.9%. These are globally successful franchises and infiltrate many media and casual aspects of your children and our lives. Why? Are the only people that have the ability to inspire and save straight white Men? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Just thinking out loud here.

A semi related article link from the screen grab:

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Is Freddie Gibbs’ Music For Me? – Part One

For the past couple weeks I have been checking out music through a new medium. That’s not really the focus of this post though.


What’s important is that I finally check out Freddie Gibbs’ music. More of ten than not I unconsciously avoid listening to artists. Some of those reasons include but are not limited t: A) I don’t want to be told about new artists  B) I have no space left in my intimate memory of artists C) Personal recommendations taint my experience as an innocent new listener


Artistically, in Freddie’s case I wasn’t seeking out artists from the rap genre. The more I’ve studied texts that relate to the struggles and ignored requests of women I’ve become less interested in rap. I’ll see if I can circle back and give you some notes and sources on those texts by women. A non women source is the ‘Grow The Heck Up’ platforms. Highly recommend for good discussion, although like all good content creators and discussion leaders I don’t agree with everything said. (Not sure it’s possible or healthy to agree with everything some one says / puts out).  It’s kind of a bad genre a lot of times unfortunately content and perspective wise. Very hateful and not careful with the violence it haphazardly handles in its lyrics and visual aspects.

Anyways, back to the point. Freddie Gibbs right? I don’t share some of those inner thoughts often so I believed it might be a rare treat for readers.

I came to know of Freddie’s art when Logic and him apparently had issues figuring out Logic’s album cover was stolen from Gibbs. Personally, I didn’t really have any interest invested in that discussion or battle.  That happened about a year or two now that I remember my Logic ‘Everybody’ album review [Part 1] & [Part 2].

I’m thinking about doing a Tweet review of this album. I do have some other albums lined up to be reviewed before this album technically, but this artist has been on my list to at least check out at the minimum.


Some upcoming projects
Lost & Found – Jorja Smith
K.T.S.E – Teyana Taylor
4:44 – Jay-Z
Black Thought – Streams of Thought
#1HappyHoliday – D.R.A.M.

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iMade a Summer 2018 Playlist [NSFW]

Hey there folks.

Long time no read.

Since I’m basic I made a hip-hop playlist for the summer on Tidal.

I don’t think any of these songs are new per se, but I like cracking open old songs and rehashing them. After all good music doesn’t get stale it just ages.

Oh, by the way it’s meant to be chopped and stirred in the sense that certain songs don’t need to be played completely. To be more akin to an actual Disc Jockey and not just a passive radio playlist :]


Just in case you don’t have Tidal I’ll  post a Spotify playlist link.

Plus, since I love y’all I’ll even post the songs from the playlist so you can do your thing on other platforms.

Don’t say I never did anything for y’all 😉



Song List:

Summertime Playlist! [NSFW]

The Check Point – Wiz & Curr [How Fly]

Speedboat [Stoned On Ocean] – Curren$y feat. Wiz Kha

Higher [Stoned On Ocean] – Curren$y feat. Sheek Louch
Ink My Whole Body [Star Power] – Wiz Khalifa

Let It Rain – Action Bronson

Terry – Action Bronson

Actin Crazy – Action Bronson

La Luna – Action Bronson

The Passage – Action Bronson

Easy Rider – Action Bronson

Intro feat. Big Body Bes [Blue Chips I] – Action Bronson

The Rising – Action Bronson

One More Time – Daft Punk

Practice – Action Bronson

Reminder – Action Bronson

Reminder – The Weeknd

Brand New Car – Action Bronson

Reminder (RMX) – Young Thug, The Weeknd


pick up the phone – Young Thug, Travis Scott

Wyclef Jean – Young Thug

Sacrifices – Drake, 2 Chainz, Young Thug

Unforgettable – French Montana, Swae Lee

Patek Water – Future, Young Thug, Offset

Killed Before – Young Thug

Drip on Me – Future, Young Thug

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My Artistic Influences

A few days ago I was texting a friend about artists that inspired me recently and in general. They inspire me to not only live my life as me but also to express my artistically as I see fit and be as transparent as possible. I thought it might be educational for my readers and therapeutic (reflective) for me to share who impacts when and how I create art. In the lists that follow they are slightly arranged in terms of range of influence, so the name at the top has personally been the most influential in that area . All except for musical artists, that list is randomly sorted.

Note: There’s a lot of artists and categories I’m forgetting right now so I’ll add them as I remember.

Music Artists:

Travi$ Scott



Action Bronson


Alex Medina

The Internet


James Blake

SPZRKT aka Xavier Omar

Cardi B

Beautiful Eulogy

Alex Faith

Internet, TV, & Radio Personalities:

Sway In The Morning



Michael Jackson

Les Twins

Keone Madrid

Mariel Madrid

Poets & Authors:

Maya Angeou

Yesika Salgado

Timothy Keller

Francis Chan

Leonard Ravenhill


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